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Sails On the Horizon

As Europe faces a new and looming threat, one man will start along a path to his destiny...

The year is 1797. Napoleon Bonaparte is racking up impressive wins in the field against the enemies of revolutionary France, while on the seas England is putting up a staunch resistance.

Twenty-five-year-old Charles Edgemont is second lieutenant aboard the British ship Argonaut. When orders come for the Argonaut to engage in an all-but-suicidal maneuver against the Spanish, he leads his gun crews bravely – until the deaths of the captain and first lieutenant elevate him to commander.

For refusing to yield to enemy fire, Charles is permanently promoted and generously rewarded by the Admiralty, becoming wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. Life is easy for a while. At least until fresh orders send him back to sea, where he faces a formidable adversary in a series of stirring battles of will and might.

A rip-roaring naval adventure perfect for fans of Julian Stockwin, Patrick O’ Brian and Alexander Kent.

Praise for Jay Worrall

‘Well executed… demonstrating Worrall’s expertise in ship and sea warfare history’ Publishers Weekly

‘Inspired by the salty tales of seasoned maritime novelists C. S. Forester and Patrick O’Brian, [Worrall] delicately balances action and adventure with introspection’ Booklist

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