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Seek Out and Destroy

Commander David Cochrane Smith is about to embark on his most perilous adventure yet.

November, 1917: The Imperial German Navy has sent Kapitan Erwin Voss to command the mighty new battle cruiser Salzburg in the Adriatic.

Smith is ordered by the Admiralty to seek out and destroy her in harbour – a seemingly suicidal task which is made all the more hopeless when he runs into the opposition of his superiors in Venice.

But it is a vital mission, and Smith knows he must go it alone. Though the odds are stacked against him and his tiny crew, his orders are inflexible: seek out and destroy!

This thrilling naval adventure is perfect for fans of Douglas Reeman and Julian Stockwin.

Praise for Alan Evans

'I think a 21 gun salute is required…Alan Evans has produced a cracking thriller' Daily Mirror

'Evans provides a different sea story, sustained suspense and vivid battle scenes' Publishers Weekly

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