Cover of Sergeant Bigglesworth, CID

Sergeant Bigglesworth, CID

The war is over… What next for Biggles?

With the excitement of the war now past, Biggles and the gang cool their heels at headquarters, bored.

But then former Air Commodore Raymond, newly returned to his civilian position in Scotland Yard, pays them a visit. There has been a spate of seemingly impossible heists recently, which can only have been pulled off by a gang of highly able pilots, with access to cutting-edge aircraft. Scotland Yard needs their help.

Biggles makes a few calls, and learns that some German prototype aircraft rumoured to exist were never discovered when Germany surrendered… Could they be involved, somehow?

The gang leaps into action and heads off to investigate, led by the now Detective Sergeant Bigglesworth!

You can’t keep Biggles grounded for long! The globetrotting flying adventures continue, perfect for fans of Derek Robinson and Max Hennessy.

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