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Seven Minutes Later

Two women walk into a lift. Only one walks out alive.

Lucy is the envy of everyone who knows her. The career she’s worked hard for is flying and she always looks perfectly put together with her beautifully styled blonde hair and designer clothes. But nobody knows she’s harbouring a dark secret, one that would tear her family apart if it’s ever revealed.

Shay is a hardworking young lawyer who’s been thrown a lifeline with her new job at Lucy’s company after being made redundant. She knows that she looks a little drab; she can’t afford to dress any better. But nobody knows that her problems run far deeper than money troubles. Her once perfect marriage has become dark and twisted, and she fears what her husband might do next.

One fateful evening, Lucy and Shay walk into a lift. Seven minutes later, one woman makes a phone call, saying that the lift is stuck, and no, the other woman can’t come to the phone right now… When the doors open, one woman is dead. The survivor tells the police it’s suicide. But with no witnesses and only her word for it, one vital question must be asked - is she telling the truth?

A gripping and unputdownable thriller that will keep you guessing into the early hours of the morning. Perfect for fans of Steve Cavanagh and Gillian McAllister.

This novel is also published in the US and Canada as The Cage.

Praise for Seven Minutes Later

‘A firecracker of a novel: it starts out with a bang and keeps on dazzling until its final, thrilling page’ Jessica Barry, bestselling author of Freefall and Don’t Turn Around

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