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Spinner's Wharf

From the ashes of the war, can love blossom?

Rhian Grey left her home in Sweyn’s Eye to make a life for herself in Yorkshire, where she learnt the skills of spinning and weaving. She also learnt to love Mansel Jack, a charismatic and ambitious mill-owner.

When Rhian returns to Sweyn’s Eye, it is to a town torn apart by anxiety and uncertainty, by the devastation of the Great War, a town whose worker’s lives are governed by fear.

Amidst the anguish and dedication of the women who were left behind, Rhian must decide where her own future lies – in respectable marriage to Heath Jenkins, her former sweetheart – or in the arms of Mansel Jack.

A deeply-touching, heart-wrenching tale set in South Wales at the beginning of the century, perfect for fans of Dilly Court, Pam Howes and Rosie Goodwin.

Praise for Iris Gower

‘A series well worth watching’ Publishing News

’An atmospheric, compassionate tale’ Daily Post

‘Packed with action, drama and tragedy’ South Wales Evening Post

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