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The Blackest Heart

A brutal conflict. A suicidal quest. A dark revelation...

Returning to the kingdom of Gul Kana, Princess Jondralyn has suffered a devastating loss, discovering that not all fortunes are to be assumed, not all scripture to be trusted.

At the same time, her younger sister, Tala, has found faith within herself while facing off against devious villains, who would use her gifts for their own devices.

The Five Isles are caught up in the deadliest conflict it has ever known, and Nail finds himself right at the heart of it all.

For the Five Warrior Angels have been revealed: Gladiator, Assassin, Thief, Princess and Slave, and one by one the weapons they once wielded are being excavated. Deep within the heart of these discoveries, an ancient prophecy is beginning to be fulfilled…

Second in the Five Warrior Angels series, The Blackest Heart is an unforgettable, epic fantasy, perfect for fans of Mark Lawrence, Brent Weeks and George R. R. Martin

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ISBN: 9781788634984

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