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The Crew

All kinds of secrets get lost at sea...

Ella loves the nomadic lifestyle of working on a luxury superyacht. She can leave her past behind and start afresh with people who understand her. Over the years she's found a new family to return to every summer – the crew of the Ananke.

Now she's returning to work on the Ananke following a tragedy the previous summer where one of the deckhands died in an accident. Newcomer Ashley was confident, capable and beloved by everyone. They're all distraught following her death. But the Captain is convinced that the best thing for the crew is for them all to be together again.

But everything Ashley told them was a lie. And if nobody knows who you really are, then can someone get away with your murder? As the Ananke sets sail again, it becomes clear that nothing about last summer was as it seemed...

A tense and unputdownable thriller perfect for fans of Catherine Cooper and Cameron Ward.

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