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The Ghosts of the Eighth Attack

From World War to World War, the spirit of comradeship never dies.

Autumn, 1940. The battered RAF 13 Squadron are stationed at Marshfield airfield, once home to the American 96th Squadron who lost their lives on the Hindenburg Line.

Jack Horner and Ginger Johnson are appalled when they are assigned to Peter Maddox, a notoriously inept pilot. Though they fear for their lives, Maddox, despite his total lack of skill, achieves brilliant coups against all the odds.

As the threat of invasion looms, strange things begin to happen. An unseen dog howling before doomed operations, and decommissioned biplanes supposedly guiding aircraft down in thick fog. It seemed as if 13 Squadron was linked with invisible forces, carrying them forward to their most dangerous mission of all.

A thrilling story of love, bravery and young men at war, perfect for fans of W. E. Johns, Max Hennessy and Alistair MacLean.

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