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The Granville Affair

The Granville family is about to face hardships they could have never imagined.

The Granville family have fled bomb-torn London for Hartley Hall in Surrey, but even away from the city life remains turbulent. Rosie is trapped in a loveless marriage to a penniless peer. With her husband away fighting, she finds the temptations that come with his absence too much to avoid.

Meanwhile, her younger sister Juliet’s world comes crashing down when she must face a tragedy without the support of the only man she has ever loved. Desperate to forget her past, she puts herself in the line of danger as a Red Cross nurse, braving the carnage of the Blitz.

The fragile peace at Hartley Hall is disrupted further when fifteen-year-old Louise becomes involved with an East End evacuee, and threatens the family with yet another scandal…

An enthralling saga of family life in the Second World War, perfect for fans of Kate Williams and Catherine Gaskin.

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