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The Hanged Man

Sometimes dead men tell the most interesting tales...

New Year's, 1474, finds Roger the Chapman collapsed with fever after wandering the frozen roads of Western England. Taken in by widow Margaret Walker and her daughter, Lillis, in the ancient trading port of Bristol, he awakens to find himself in the middle of another mystery.

The two women seem mistrusted by villagers and uneasy even at home. He learns that Margaret's father vanished last year, presumed dead. A man was hanged for his murder, but not two months later the old man wandered back into town, unable to account for his disappearance.

Vowing to root out the evil at work in the Walker home, Roger puts his God-given talent for solving mysteries to good use, once more unravelling the complex web before him: a town plagued by secret allegiances, rivalries and deceit…

The third book in the completely gripping Roger the Chapman mysteries, full of suspense and intrigue, perfect for fans of D. V. Bishop, Graham Brack and S. G. MacLean.

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