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The Interceptors

The First World War is over. But Martin Falconer’s story is only just beginning.

1919. Martin Falconer, a veteran airman while still in his teens and now adjusting to peacetime, is asked to go to Russia to fight the Bolsheviks. His answer? ‘Try and stop me.’

The Great War had taken away much of Martin’s idealism, shown him the gruesome realities of battle. But the Russia of 1919, a chaotic, desperate country, shows him another sort of conflict, a civil war of great savagery and bitterness on both sides.

Nothing is as simple as he had thought. But the danger and excitement as he flies over the Russian steppes will only further his extraordinary legacy.

The continuation of the completely gripping WWI aviation thrillers, for fans of W. E. Johns, Alastair MacLean and Alan Evans.

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