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The Japanese Princess

A kidnapped princess sends Common Smith racing to the land of the rising sun

China, 1927. Communists and Nationalists are fighting each other, and bandits and warlords plague the country.

Imperial Japan is eager to provoke a war, and when Princess Sadie, a member of the Japanese royal family, is kidnapped, her life is at stake. For if she dies, the Japanese will have the excuse they need to invade.

The mission of Common Smith VC and the redoubtable crew of the Swordfish is to rescue Princess Sadie and avert calamity. It is a race against time - if they don't succeed, the results could be devastating...

The sixth Common Smith VC adventure, where both tensions and the stakes couldn't be higher. Perfect for fans of Max Hennessy and David Beaty.

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ISBN: 9781800320543

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