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The King of Athelney

As the Viking hordes invade, one man stands strong.

It was foolish to fight those heathen pirates, the Vikings. Prudent statesman paid them off – but they never stayed away for long.

King Alfred was different. He alone stood his ground and fought the marauders again and again. But he was never meant to be king. With two older brothers, Alfred was first sent to Rome for confirmation by the Pope himself, to be educated for a life of diplomacy. Things turned out very differently on the battlefields of far Wessex, but his training made him one of the most ingenious and forward-thinking kings of his time.

Uniting the disparate kingdoms of England wasn’t his goal. It was his destiny…

The King of Athelney is a vivid, epic historical adventure, perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell, Harry Sidebottom and Giles Kristian.

Praise for Alfred Duggan

‘One of the best historical novelists of this century’ Times Literary Supplement

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