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The Promises of a King

Some promises should never be broken.

AD 1055. With the crisis of 1051 long behind them and finally coming to terms with the death of Sweyn, the Godwin family’s influence across England is growing. Harold enjoys a position of trust with King Edward and the country is at peace, but Edward knows that he needs an heir before it is too late.

In Hungary, there is one potential heir with royal blood running through his veins, but before he can be contacted another king, much closer to home, rises to power, and Harold finds himself torn between diplomacy and violence to maintain the peace.

With King Edward relying on him more and more, Harold travels to Normandy to find the two hostages still missing after many years. But while there, he uncovers a situation far more dangerous than any threat from the Welsh king...

With England now being torn apart by internal politics, can Harold forge unity amongst his fellow nobles before it is too late?

The gripping next step along the road to Hastings, perfect for fans of Conn Iggulden.

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