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The Sword and the Throne

From the battlefields of conquest to the Roman mob, Aulus Severus must use all his wits to survive in this thrilling Roman historical adventure

AD 69: Aulus Caecina Severus has thrown in his lot with the hedonistic Vitellius, preparing his legions for a gruelling march over the Alps.

Severus leads his army against barbarian rebellions and the tough mountain passes in his race to reach Italy before his rival Valens. With the Po valley almost in sight, news comes that Emperor Galba has been killed in a coup, and that Otho has been declared Emperor by the Praetorians.

But there is no turning back for Severus: the Rhine legions want their man on the throne, leading Severus down a dark path. The politics of the court and the mob is the new battleground, and Severus needs the help of his wife Salonina and his freedman Totavalas if he wants to survive. Then stories spread of a new power in the east… Severus has to decide where his real loyalty lies: to his Emperor, to his city or to himself?

The Sword and the Throne, second in The Aulus Severus Adventures, is perfect for fans of Simon Scarrow, Christian Cameron and Bernard Cornwell

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