Cover of Torrance: Betrayal in Burma

Torrance: Betrayal in Burma

Save their lives, but trust no one… Torrance is back and fighting for his life.

Burma, 1942: In the face of a relentless Japanese advance, the British Army is in headlong retreat.

Given command of a squad of defaulters, Corporal Charlie Torrance is tasked with escorting a notorious political prisoner to captivity in India. But a Japanese intelligence agent has joined forces with Burmese independence fighters intent on rescuing their comrade.

And it’s starting to look as though there could be a traitor in Torrance’s squad…

As the British Empire crumbles, Torrance will be forced to question everything he’s fighting for when he makes a bloody last stand in the sultry Burmese jungle.

Inspired by actual events, Torrance: Betrayal in Burma is a blistering adventure in the best traditions of Alistair MacLean and Bernard Cornwell.

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