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Two young Vikings voyage deep into the Russian winter, a quest for glory that will lead all the way to Byzantium

Conn Corbansson is a clever and strong leader of men and his cousin and best friend, the god-touched Raef, is his navigator and shield against evil. After joining a fur-trading ship to Russia they are forced to overwinter in the icebound village of Novgrod.

But tempers flare in the confinement, and factions form – the far-faring Norse against the native Rus, the honour-bound warriors against the gold-seeking traders. Taking service with the leader of the Rus, Dobrynya, they travel south to Kiev, and on with a raiding party that will take them all the way into the northern reaches of the Byzantine Empire.
Varanger, fourth in the compelling Life and Times of Corban Loosestrife series, is perfect for fans of Bernard Cornwell and Giles Kristian.
‘A potent blend of fantasy, history, and romance… a rousing, vivid tale rich with Nordic lore’ Publishers Weekly

‘Elements of romance, mysticism, and suspense are interwoven into one superlative, spine-tingling adventure’ Booklist
‘She is the finest author of historical fiction working in English today’ SF Site

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