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Winter Quarters

The classic odyssey through Caesar’s Empire.

Camul and Acco are young Gauls, content to accept Roman occupation for the benefits it brings. Until Acco brings on himself the curse of the Goddess, and the two are forced to escape her by joining the Roman Army.

Julius Caesar’s campaigns carry them from the Rhine to Rome, Greece and finally the steppes of Russia. Along the way they face many trials, and feel the full might of the Roman war machine.

But distance means little to a Goddess, and Camul must make a terrible pact to survive...

The classic of Roman fiction, Winter Quarters is an extraordinary and vivid journey through Roman legions. Perfect for fans of Wallace Breem’s Eagle in the Snow, Simon Scarrow and Ben Kane.

Praise for Winter Quarters

Winter Quarters covers a remarkable amount of ground, and covers it convincingly… Mr Duggan throws the strengths and weaknesses of the era into sharp relief… damnably skillfulThe Sunday Times

Winter Quarters… is among the finest, I think, that he has yet produced… It is an exciting story, admirably told. The closing battle-scene is particularly well done.’ Daily Mail

‘Mr Duggan is one of the best historical novelists going now. He writes economically and is always to the point… We are given a vivid picture of life in Rome and the Near East… there are some splendid battles.’ News Chronicle

‘The chief triumph of this remarkable book is its presentation of paganism.’ John Betjeman, Daily Telegraph

‘Contains just the right blend of information and imagination, with a vivid background and a just appreciation of the human element underlying historical figures. The strength and weaknesses of the Romans are put into excellent perspective.’ Irish Times

Few novelists can touch Alfred Duggan when it comes to recreating remote corners of historical time and placeGuardian

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