Brand New from Canelo

September 28, 2018

In our new ‘Monthly Round-up’ Canelo Digital Publishing Limited is delighted to announce a number of exciting new authors and books that we have recently acquired.

LP Fergusson

Fergusson’s stunning debut – A Dangerous Act of Kindness – is a suspenseful, tender and at times harrowing historical love story set during World War Two that will appeal to fans of Rachel Hore and Santa Montefiore.

LP Fergusson said*: ‘I’m thrilled to be part of Canelo’s list. I write to be read and with them, I’ll reach my readers much sooner than I would on a traditional publishing route. I can’t wait to work with Laura McCallen and a team of people who want to bring great stories to a wide and varied audience.’ *

A Dangerous Act of Kindness will publish in March 2019, with an as yet untitled second book provisionally scheduled for January 2020. You can follow LP on Twitter @LPFergusson

Andy Redsmith

Author Andy Redsmith’s urban fantasy crime novel – Breaking the Lore – explores the question of how a seasoned Manchester detective can stop a demon invasion…when he doesn’t believe in magic! Mischievous and mystical, this debut is perfect for fans of Douglas Adams and Ben Aaronovitch.

Andy Redsmith said: ’My novel intentionally mixes genres in order to produce something which is a bit different. Still commercial, but a bit different. Though experience tells me some publishers may be scared off by this approach, Canelo have been completely supportive and very helpful. They are able (and willing) to “think outside the box” and be adventurous with their books. I am very grateful to Canelo for giving me the opportunity to work with them. I aim to repay their faith by selling lots of books!’

*Breaking the Lore *will publish in April 2019, with the sequel, Don’t Fear the Rapper, scheduled for July 2019. You can follow Andy on Twitter @AndyRedsmith

Ada Bright & Cass Grafton

The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen was ‘liked’ during the 2018 #CaneloPit…and acquired soon after. This uplifting romantic comedy sees a time travelling Jane Austen trapped in modern Bath, with avid Jane-ite, Rose, the only woman who can correct the course of history!

Ada Bright said: ‘I am so happy and grateful to have been invited into the Canelo Publishing family and given the chance to continue co-writing with one of my favourite people on earth, Cass Grafton. All of the stories and characters clamouring in my head are especially excited to be working with Laura McCallen.’

Cass Grafton said: ‘When I first read the offer from Canelo to join their growing family of authors, I cried. Then, I started to smile, and I feel like I’ve been smiling ever since! I am so happy to be alongside other authors I already admire and love as part of the Canelo team, but the icing on the cake is writing again with my lovely friend, Ada Bright, and working with Laura McCallen, who are both as passionate about storytelling as I am.’

The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen will be published on 12th September 2019, ahead of the annual Jane Austen Festival in Bath. The sequel will follow in November 2019.

Canelo will also be reissuing the three volumes of Cass Grafton’s A Fair Prospect as well as A Quest for Mr Darcy in March 2019. You can find Ada and Cass on Twitter @missyadabright and @CassGrafton

Vivian Conroy

With glamorous settings, characters with secrets up their sleeves and clever plots that keep the reader guessing, Vivian Conroy provides pure sleuthing fun with the first book in her new cosy crime series – A Testament to Murder. Perfect for fans of Agatha Christie and Ann Granger.

Vivian Conroy said: ’Having followed Canelo’s success story over the years, I was delighted to connect with Laura McCallen and have her read A Testament to Murder. Her enthusiasm for the book and the potential for turning it into a series readily convinced me to join the talented Canelo team. I can’t wait to bring the first book to readers in February 2019!’

A Testament to Murder will be published in February 2019 with the as yet untitled sequel to follow in October 2019. Connect on Twitter under @VivWrites or drop by #histficchat, a live Twitter chat on Thursdays from 8-9PM GMT/3-4PM EST.

AJ MacKenzie

The first book in the epic new ‘War of 1812’ series from author AJ MacKenzie – The Ballad of John MacLea – sees Captain John MacLea is charting his own course against a background of uncertain loyalties and certain danger, fighting not just for freedom, but for his life. A sweeping historical adventure sure to please fans of Conn Iggulden.

AJ MacKenzie said: ‘Really excited to be publishing with Canelo. There’s a real buzz of energy about them, and we love their ambition. We’re looking forward to a bright future with them, publishing great stories and selling lots of books.’

The Ballad of John MacLea first in the War of 1812 series – will be available in January 2019, with book two, Hunt for the North Star, due June 2019 and book 3, Invasion, due October 2019. You can find AJ on Twitter @AJMacKnovels

Carol Wyer

In Carol Wyer’s Canelo debut – What Happens in France – Bryony Masters is on a mission to find her long-lost sister and reunite their family. With the help of handsome friend Lewis, she snags a coveted spot (and global attention for her search) on a primetime game show with a cast of truly unique characters. What Happens in France will delight fans of Fiona Gibson, Daisy James and Jo Watson.

Carol Wyer said: ‘To say I am thrilled to be joining Canelo is an understatement. I’m so looking forward to working with the wonderful Hannah Todd and the rest of the team on two new comedies and can’t wait to share them with you.’

What Happens in France will be available in February 2019, with an as yet untitled second book provisionally scheduled for April 2019. You can find Carol on Twitter @carolewyer

David Hair & Cath Mayo

Award-winning New Zealand YA and Adult fantasy writers David Hair and Cath Mayo captivate with their Canelo debut – Athena’s Champion. Prince Odysseus of Ithaca’s world is torn apart. Now, only his wits, and his skill as a warrior, can keep him ahead of the Gods’ power games – and alive.

David Hair said: ‘Thank you Canelo; we’ve been very much looking forward to getting this story out into the world. We’ve got a terrific concept, an intriguing mythos and a compelling, timeless hero in Odysseus to work with – it’s going to be great fun.’

Cath Mayo said: ‘It’s exciting to be working with a talented team that shares our passion for the stories we’re writing. David and I have embarked on a great collaborative adventure; now with Canelo on board, we can drive our vision forward and share it with our readers.’

Athena’s Champion – first in The Olympus Trilogy – will be published in November 2018, with the sequel, Oracles of War, due April 2019. You can find David and Cath on Twitter @DHairauthor and @cathmayoauthor