Canelo set to publish a new Running Club romance series by Darcie Boleyn

March 16, 2021

Commissioning editor Emily Bedford has acquired World English Language rights to a new romance series by Darcie Boleyn from Amanda Preston at LBA Books in a two-book deal.

Darcie’s new series will focus on a small-town amateur running club set on the gorgeous Welsh coast. The books will explore the healing power of running and community – two things very close to Darcie’s heart – with her trademark flare for humour, colourful characters and sweeping romance.

Darcie Boleyn has previously published nine romances with Canelo, including the Cornish Hearts series and Conwenna Cove series. Darcie lives in Wales with her husband, daughter, son, rescue greyhound Freya, and bulldogs Mr Spike and Zelda.

Emily Bedford says: ‘I am thrilled to work with Darcie on this new series, not least because I’ve experienced the joy and support that running clubs can bring to individuals and communities. Darcie is a fantastic author to work with and I’m delighted to have the opportunity to do so. She can always be relied on to bring laughter and life to her writing, and this new series is guaranteed to thrill established fans and new readers.’

Darcie Boleyn says: ‘I love the team at Canelo and am very excited to work with the lovely Emily on this series. I’m a big fan of Couch to 5k and have experienced the physical and mental health benefits of running regularly. This series is set on the Gower Peninsula, a location I adore, and will bring a whole new fictional community to readers.’

Amanda Preston says: ‘Running and community has been my glue this past year and I instantly fell in love with Darcie’s brilliant new series. Darcie writes with such warmth and humour and is a total pleasure both on and off the page!’

Book one in the Running Club series will be published in January 2022, in print and ebook, with book two to follow in the summer. For more information please contact