Canelo has acquired a three-book cosy crime series by Hannah Hendy.

June 23, 2021

Assistant editor Siân Heap has acquired World English language rights to a new cosy crime series by Hannah Hendy in a three-book deal.

The Dinner Lady Detectives is the first in a new series featuring unlikely detective duo Margery and Clementine. The couple are dinner ladies at the local school, enjoying a peaceful life together in the small, idyllic town of Dewstow and eagerly awaiting retirement. But when their kitchen manager is found dead and nobody else seems to care, the pair take it upon themselves to investigate. As they navigate their way through suspicious will readings and missing jewellery, Clementine and Margery become convinced there’s something far more nefarious going on, and someone will stop at nothing to keep them quiet.

Hannah Hendy lives in a small town in South Wales with her brand new wife and two rescue cats. A professional chef by trade, she started writing to fill the time on boring night shifts. She is the author of The Dinner Lady Detectives, which is her first novel but definitely not her last.

Siân Heap says: ‘As soon as I saw Hannah’s #DVPit tweet with the premise for The Dinner Lady Detectives, I was desperate to get my hands on it, and Hannah absolutely delivered on all of my expectations. Margery and Clementine are such an engaging and enjoyable detective duo. The novel is packed full of warmth and Hannah skillfully balances the light tone and humour with a pacy plot and a cast of characters that will have readers wanting to return to Dewstow again and again.’

Hannah Hendy says: ‘I’m so excited to be joining Canelo! It’s the perfect place for my debut novel and the next two books in the series. It has been such a fantastic experience working with Siân already and I can’t wait to send my small town of strange characters out into the world.’

The Dinner Lady Detectives will be published in November 2021 in ebook and paperback, with two further books to follow in 2022 and 2023. For more information please contact Elinor Fewster