Canelo have acquired a new Sheffield saga trilogy by debut author Joanne Clague

November 24, 2021

Senior commissioning editor Emily Bedford has acquired world English language rights to a new saga series by Joanne Clague from Kate Nash at Kate Nash Literary Agency in a three-book deal.

Set in Sheffield in the mid-1800s, this new trilogy kicks off with an explosive start in The Ragged Valley, following the devastation of the Great Sheffield Flood which destroyed hundreds of homes after the failure of the Dale Dyke Dam one stormy night. Out of the ruins, romance blossoms – but the course of true love never did run smoothly, and new threats arise every day to tear down the young couple’s dreams. From the wreckage of the flood, can love overcome tragedy?

Born and raised in Sheffield, Joanne lives in the coastal village of Laxey in the Isle of Man with her husband, children and dogs. She has worked in print, radio and broadcast journalism in the north west for the past three decades and is now a full-time writer of historical fiction set in nineteenth-century Sheffield.

Emily Bedford says: ‘It is so rare to find a debut author who has such a fantastic grasp on storytelling, and I was absolutely blown away by Joanne’s writing. She has an incredible knack for creating cinematic narratives, so that I felt completely immersed in the world of her characters, at times holding my breath waiting for the outcome of certain scenes. I couldn’t be more excited to work with Joanne on her series and to bring her books to readers of the genre.’

Joanne Clague says: ‘I’m so thrilled to be joining Canelo and look forward to collaborating on this series. I’m delighted to be working with Emily and the team on bringing these stories to readers.’

Kate Nash says: ‘With her rich, warm voice, Joanne Clague takes the reader through the carnage of one of Britain’s biggest Victorian industrial disasters and into the aftermath, with its poverty, tension and romance. I can’t wait for readers to discover The Ragged Valley and a brand new author whom they are going to love.’

The Ragged Valley will be published in June 2022, in ebook and paperback, with The Girl at Change Alley to follow in October 2022 and book three in summer 2023. For more information please contact