Canelo goes undercover with a new espionage series from former MI6 operative Charles Beaumont.

January 24, 2023

If Cambridge had a spy ring, why didn’t Oxford?
Did the Russians never try, or has it just never been discovered…?

Commissioning editor Craig Lye has acquired World English Language rights to a new, modern-day espionage series by Charles Beaumont from Michael Dean of Andrew Nurnberg Associates in a three-book deal. 

During some run-of-the-mill consultancy work, former British intelligence officer Simon Sharman uncovers shocking evidence that an ultra-secretive spy ring has been operating out of Oxford University for years, and presents his findings to the British government. But when his revelations provoke no response at all, Simon realises it is down to him to drag this secretive group out of the shadows and into the bright light of day. But how far into the Establishment have its tentacles reached? The first book in the series, A Spy Alone is set among Oxford’s dreaming spires, and is scheduled for autumn 2023.

Charles Beaumont is the pseudonym of a former MI6 operative who worked undercover in war zones, on diplomatic missions and in international business. His work spanned two decades and four continents. A Spy Alone is his first novel.

Lye says: ‘From the moment I read the pitch for A Spy Alone, I was hooked. The conceit is so simple, and yet brilliantly realised. Charles brings all of his experience from the world of intelligence to bear in this novel, giving an incredible insight into what it means to be a spy today, and shining a spotlight on modern Britain, awash in dirty Russian money and morally compromised.’

Charles Beaumont says: ‘I have often wondered whether something like the Cambridge spy ring of the Cold War could happen in our current, cynical age. This novel is an attempt to answer that question. It’s a great honour to be published by Canelo, a brilliant stable for some of the most exciting writers in the genre. I’m immensely grateful to my agent Michael Dean of Andrew Nurnberg Associates for taking a chance on an unknown debut author and to my editor Craig Lye for giving me the chance to share this story.’

A Spy Alone will be published in September 2023, in paperback and ebook, with the second and third novels to follow in the autumns of 2024 and 2025. For more information please contact