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Bloody Sunset

A thrilling historical adventure in the shadow of the Russian Revolution.

In the aftermath of the Russian Revolution, Lieutenant Bob Cowan of the British Royal Navy must rescue a party of five women, including two of the Tsar’s daughters. With the women holed up in a refuge a hundred miles up the Astrakhan river, this will be easier said than done.

Astrakhan, where the Volga empties into the Caspian, was a Bolshevik stronghold, sizeable naval base and army command of half a million men. And the British Navy is here to fight Turks and Germans, not Bolsheviks.

How can anyone be sure – in a climate of treachery and deception – that this isn’t some kind of a trap? Getting in there will be difficult enough, what chance will he have of getting out?

With high-tension action and excellent historical detail, Bloody Sunset is ideal for fans of Douglas Reeman and Philip McCutchan.

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