A portrait of Alexander Fullerton

Alexander Fullerton

Alexander Fullerton was a bestselling author of British naval fiction, whose writing career spanned over fifty years. He served with distinction as gunnery and torpedo officer of HM Submarine Seadog during World War Two. He was a fluent Russian speaker, and after the war served in Germany as the Royal Navy liaison with the Red Army.

His first novel, Surface!, was written on the backs of old cargo manifests. It sold over 500,000 copies and needed five reprints in six weeks. Fullerton is perhaps best known though for his nine-volume Nicholas Everard series, which was translated into many languages, winning him fans all round the world. His fiftieth novel, Submariner, was published in 2008, the year of his death.

Books by Alexander Fullerton

Love for an Enemy
Not Thinking of Death
Into the Fire
Return to the Field
Storm Force to Narvik
Sixty Minutes for St George.jpg
All the Drowning Seas
Last Lift from Crete
In at the Kill
The Gatecrashers
Single to Paris
Staying Alive
Band of Brothers
Patrol to the Golden Horn
A Share of Honour
Bloody Sunset
The Torch Bearers
Special Deliverance
Special Deception
Special Dynamic
Floating Madhouse
The Blooding of the Guns
Flight to Mons
Westbound Warbound
Stark Realities
Look to the Wolves
Aphrodite Cargo
Final Dive
The Thunder and the Flame.jpg