Cover of Death at the Clos du Lac

Death at the Clos du Lac


Terrible truths lie hidden, deep beneath the surface...

France, 1964. At the exclusive Clos du Lac sanitarium, a man is discovered standing in the therapy pool. Someone has chained him to the bottom, and left him there to die a slow, agonising death.

Inspector Lucas Rocco believes it's an unusual and elaborate method of execution, but finds that both the inhabitants and staff of the Clos du Lac are unable, or unwilling, to talk.

Meanwhile, ministry officials sent from Paris to 'assist' in the investigation attempt to impede Rocco's efforts to find answers. It soon becomes clear the Clos du Lac is no ordinary sanitarium, and holds secrets the authorities feel are better left hidden.

A suspenseful, totally gripping historical crime thriller set in rural France, perfect for fans of Jean-Luc Bannalec, Mark Billingham and Martin Walker.

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