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Death on the Rive Nord


Caught between instinct and authority, he must decide where his loyalties lie...

Picardie, 1963. A truck drops a group of illegal workers by a deserted stretch of canal in the dead of night near Poissons-les-Marais. Days later, one of them surfaces, stabbed to death.

For Inspector Lucas Rocco, finding the victim's fellow travellers presents problems. Most Algerian immigrants are welcome, but trawling for any who aren't is a sensitive issue loaded with threats of civil unrest, something which terrifies his bosses in the Ministry.

And when Rocco is ordered to stay away from one factory, where he suspects illegals are being employed, it goes against everything he knows.

An absolutely gripping historical crime thriller set deep in the French countryside, perfect for fans of Poirot, Donna Leon and Peter May.

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