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Havoc's Sword

The loveable but incorrigible rogue Captain Alan Lewrie is back to cut a wide and wicked swathe through the Caribbean in his eleventh adventure.

It’s 1798, and Lewrie and his crew of the frigate Proteus have their work cut out for them. First Lewrie has rashly vowed to uphold a friend’s honour in a duel to the death. Secondly, he faces the horridly unwelcome arrival of HM Government’s Foreign Office Agents (out to use him as their cat’s paw in a scheme against the French). And lastly, he engineers the showdown with his arch foe and nemesis, the hideous ogre of the French Revolution’s Terror, that clever fiend Guillaume Choudas!

We know Lewrie can fight, but can he be a diplomat too? He must deal with the newly reborn US Navy, that uneasy ally, and the stunning surprise they bring. For good or ill, Lewrie’s in the ‘quag’ up to his neck this time. Can sword, pistol and broadsides avail? Or will words, low cunning and Lewrie’s irrepressible wit be the key to his victory and survival, as even the seas cry ‘havoc’?

Eleventh in The Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures, Havoc's Sword is perfect for fans of Patrick O'Brian, Julian Stockwin and C.S. Forester.

‘You could get addicted to this series. Easily’ New York Times Book Review

'The best naval series since C. S. Forester… Recommended’ Library Journal

‘Fast-moving… A hugely likeable hero, a huge cast of sharply drawn supporting characters: there's nothing missing. Wonderful stuff’ Kirkus Reviews

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