A portrait of Dewey Lambdin

Dewey Lambdin

Dewey Lambdin is an American nautical historical novelist. He is best known for his Alan Lewrie Naval Adventures series, spanning the American Revolution and the Napoleonic Wars. A member of the U.S. Naval Institute and a Friend of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England, he spends his free time working and sailing. Besides the Alan Lewrie series, he is also the author of What Lies Buried: a novel of Old Cape Fear.

Books by Dewey Lambdin

The King's Commission
King's Privateer
The Gun Ketch
HMS Cockerel
The King's Coat
French Admiral
A King's Commander
Jester's Fortune
The King's Captain.jpg
Sea of Grey
The Captain's Vengeance.jpg
Havoc's Sword.jpg
A King's Trade.jpg
Troubled Waters.jpg
The Baltic Gambit.jpg
King, Ship and Sword.jpg
The Invasion Year.jpg
Reefs and Shoals.jpg
Hostile Shores.jpg
The King's Marauder.jpg