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Staying Alive

The extraordinary prequel to the Rosie Ewing Spy Thrillers and their final instalment.

Late autumn, 1942. A group codenamed Countryman are briefed by London to get a certain German out of Vichy’s hands. What they don’t know is that they are being sold out to the Gestapo.

Of course they are constantly aware of betrayal as a looming danger. All too many SOE networks had been ‘blown’, with agents disappearing into the Gestapo cellars and extermination camps: the dread every agent lives with every minute of every day.

In amongst them is Rosie Ewing, about to start a series of extraordinary life-or-death adventures.

The final Rosie Ewing Spy Thriller takes us back to the beginning; to how Rosie became an SOE agent at the very forefront of the War.

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