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Another epic Second World War adventure from the author of the Nicholas Everard naval thrillers.

As captain of the submarine Ursa, Lieutenant Mike Nicholson’s mission is to disrupt the flow of war supplies to Rommel’s Afrika Korps. Although Ursa is small, slow and often out-gunned, she succeeds, on her seventeenth Mediterranean cruise, in sinking a German tank-transporter.

That triumph makes Mike top of the league – he has now sunk more tonnage than any of his contemporaries. Promotion to Lieutenant-Commander, at the age of twenty-eight, is on the cards. All he has to do is adhere to two rules: stay alive, and keep his nose clean…

Submariner is a gripping Second World War naval thriller that will appeal to fans of Douglas Reeman and Jack Higgins.

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ISBN: 9781788630856

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