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Tilly's Story

Can she leave her troubles behind to find true happiness?

In the aftermath of the Great War, many are searching for a new life. But has Tilly missed her only chance for love?

Since the end of the First World War, the residents of Victoria Crescent have been slowly rebuilding their lives. For Tilly Moran, this means living under the watchful eye of her elder sister, Alice, while waiting to come of age. Unable to bear the restrictions placed upon her, Tilly flees to Liverpool for a fresh start.

As Tilly enters a new line of work she meets many interesting characters, and is charmed by Leonard Parker, a shipping entrepreneur. But when Tilly becomes involved in an investigation for a private detective agency she discovers that some of her new associates aren’t what they seem. Can Tilly’s dreams of love and independence come true, or will her luck run out?

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