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Westbound, Warbound

The first in the gripping historical Andy Holt Naval Thrillers series.

Andy Holt is third mate on the cargo ship PollyAnna, carrying coal through Nazi-infested waters. Holt's vessel is bound for Montevideo, all the while wary of a particular German warship, the Graf Spee, which is picking off British vessels.

But as the PollyAnna leaves Montevideo, the Graf Spee shows up in the same port holding British prisoners. It seems the crew of the PollyAnna will need to take matters into their own hands. Alongside his shipmates, Holt must perform a daring rescue, one that could cost them their lives…

Westbound, Warbound is Fullerton on top form – a gripping historical thriller perfect for fans of Douglas Reeman and Philip McCutchan.

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ISBN: 9781788630788

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