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September 24, 2020

Today marks the launch of Canelo Crime and it is so exciting to know that the wait is over. Finally, we are able to share the fantastic eight launch paperbacks that mark our inaugural list. The team at Canelo Crime have spent many months preparing for this. We sincerely thank our talented and committed authors for their part in supporting those plans, and, crucially, writing the books!

Canelo Crime has been created so that we – a publisher with a huge passion for crime fiction – can ensure that dedicated fans of the genre know all about the brilliant books we represent. It may be that you have already read some of these authors, and look forward to reading more stories featuring the characters you love. Or, it could be that these series are brand new to you. Either way, the books will not disappoint.

I have been lucky to work with the authors on this list for several years, and to publish crime fiction for many years before that. As a reader, my love of the genre goes back even further. I remain convinced that crime fiction offers the most exciting combination of thrills, deceit and cleverness. The best of the genre will emotionally invest its reader, and give hope that good can overcome evil (though only with a brilliant sleuth or fearless hero in charge). If you stick with us, we guarantee you will find new detectives to root for, meet villains as wicked as they come and remain entertained every step of the way.

In the coming months we will share exclusive content and updates on what our authors have been busy doing when not writing their next novel. During September, we have been proud of the recognition that Marion Todd received for her debut with a nomination for the Bloody Scotland Scottish Crime Debut of the Year Award 2020. Marion’s ongoing DI Clare Mackay series has quickly been established as a favourite with crime fiction fans, and we are thrilled to have Lies to Tell on the launch list. Keep an eye on our website for forthcoming news about Marion’s new novel, What They Knew, publishing in February 2021. This week, Alex Walters was the first author to contribute to the launch of the Groucho Club’s very own book club for their members. I took the opportunity to ask him more about the inspiration behind his DI Annie Delamere series and what an author of sixteen novels can tell us about plotting a novel.

We are going to release details about new books from our current authors very soon, as well as those soon-to-be-revealed names who will join the Canelo Crime list. In 2021, some of your favourite characters will make an appearance, but you can also look forward to brand-new stories from Canelo Crime authors. A sinister tale about a group of plane crash survivors, and an international crime thriller featuring a military policewoman, are just two of the new stories we can’t wait to share.

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Louise Cullen  Publishing Director CANELO | CANELO CRIME