Canelo acquires historical fiction debut from Sunday Times bestseller Paul Finch

August 11, 2022

Commissioning editor Craig Lye has acquired World English Language rights to three new historical fiction novels by Sunday Times bestseller Paul Finch, writing as P. W. Finch, from Kate Burke at Blake Friedmann Literary Agency in a three-book deal. 

The novels will be published as a standalone and a duology. The standalone, provisionally titled Wolfhead, is set in Northumbria in 1066. When seventeen-year-old Cerdic’s father and brother fall in battle against the invading Earl Tostig and his Viking ally, Harald Hardraada, he briefly becomes Earl of Ripon before the town is seized by the raiders. On the run and fearing for his life, Cerdic must fight to reclaim his birthright. 

The duology is set at the end of the 12th century, and follows the adventures of Thurstan Wildblood, a knight who journeys back to England from the Third Crusade, transporting a precious relic at the behest Richard the Lionheart, and desperately hoping to redeem his soul in the process.

Paul Finch is an ex-cop and journalist turned writer. He is the author of the bestselling Mark Heckenburg and Lucy Clayburn crime series (published by Avon/HarperCollins) as well as standalone thrillers One Eye Open and Never Seen Again (Orion). Paul lives in Lancashire with his wife and business partner, Cathy.

Craig Lye says: ‘I was absolutely delighted to hear that Paul was looking to write historical fiction alongside his superb thrillers. I devoured Wolfhead on submission: its pacing is relentless, and Paul’s characterisation and lightly worn historical knowledge are brilliant. Historical adventure fans, prepare for a major new arrival in the genre!’

Paul Finch says: ‘What can I say … I’ve always loved the Middle Ages, especially as a setting for full-on action/adventure fiction. I’m an avid reader of historical action novels, and have been dying to get in there as a writer, to spin some yarns of my own. Canelo have now made that possible.’

Kate Burke says: ‘I’m delighted to have this deal in place with Craig and the Canelo team. This second strand of Paul’s publishing is a really exciting one and I’m looking forward to publication next year!’

Wolfhead will be published in April 2023 in MMP and ebook, with the duology to follow in 2024. For more information please contact