A portrait of Rosie Meddon

Rosie Meddon

Inspired by the Malory Towers and St. Clare’s novels of Enid Blyton, Rosie spent much of her childhood either with her nose in a book or writing stories and plays, enlisting the neighbours’ children to perform them to anyone who would watch.  

Professional life, though, was to take her into a world of structure and rules, where creativity was frowned upon.  It wasn’t until she was finally able to leave rigid thinking behind that she returned to writing, her research into her ancestry and a growing fascination for rural life in the nineteenth century inspiring and shaping her early stories.

She now resides with her husband in North Devon – the setting for the Woodicombe House Saga – where she enjoys the area’s natural history, exploring the dramatic scenery, and keeping busy on her allotment.

Books by Rosie Meddon

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